Eliza M Halloween Costume

I love Halloween and I believe that most of the fun is getting your costume ready as well as wearing it!
For Halloween this year I decided to make my own costume, and an Eliza M Sewing Pattern helped me. I wanted to make a fun, unique costume  which was easy and didn’t take to much time, but gave brilliant results.

As I love comic book characters and are very easy to translate by their personal colour scheme. You can make it unique by adding a certain era and I thought that the 1950s would be great for the character of Harley Quinn from Batman.

This is what she usually wears. But I translated this into a 1950s style. Instead of a jumpsuit I made a circle skirt with the eliza M cirle skirt sewing pattern…

using half black and half red fabric. Cutting both pieces of fabric on the fold and attached one side together making this seam the centre front. I made the waistband in half black and half red making the colours opposite.
I also added a black invisible zip.
For the details to make it look more like Harley Quinn I added 3 diamond shapes in red on the black side of the skirt. For this I used the appliqué technique, using a zig zag stitch to attach on the top black side of the fabric.

On the top I wore a white blouse as this is very 50s style, I added smaller diamonds shapes onto one side of the blouse in the bust area, appliquéing these on top also.

In her traditional costume she wears a jester style hat but I thought that I could translate this into a hairstyle of pig tails wearing ribbons in the hair one black and one red. Also white ankle socks and black shoes, and this was it; one Harley Quinn costume. Easy, unique, fun and so simple to make! For my make up I used a white base and dark eye shadow, red lips and purple blusher. Easy peasy just look how fab it looks all together!

20141101_201725 20141101_201706


I believe I created a glamours unique and extremely fun Halloween costume, and that I completed my aim of translating the traditional Harley Quinn into the 1950s style which I love!

What do you think?

Rachel X

The Eva Dress

Today’s post is about sharing all the fabulous images that we have had sent in for the Eliza M, Eva Dress sewing pattern. Which came with this months issue of Love Sewing Mag. Hope fully it can inspire you to make yours if you haven’t already!

The Eva Wiggle Dress is designed for all shapes and sizes, it embraces your curves and is also incredibly easy to sew.
What a winner!!
As you can tell from the pictures it made me feels fabulous!10689770_627630037357268_1944738501949651844_n tumblr_nd84m0KuXZ1qe38ieo1_500

You have all seemed to love the pattern so far and here is the wonderful images we have received.

@dressesbyjulia loved our pattern and decided to make the pattern her own….


She created the dress in a brown wool and added short sleeves and a collar, how glorious!

Emma made hers in a wonderful leopard print fabric, shes rocking this look, love it!


The Sewing Cafe made Eva up in this lovely red double knit jersey, looks similar to the one i’m wearing on the cover!

@lauralovespugs got inspired by last weeks sewing bee. She loved the exposed zip and thought that it would make a great focal point for the Eva dress and it does…

evadress2 evadress

adore how quirky this dress looks! She put the zip so it undoes from the bottom, so it can give her a split in the dress when she needs to get somewhere without wiggling!

Hehe we love it <3

If this has inspired you to create your Eva Dress but are unsure on what fabric you want to use..
Eva would look fabulous in a medium-weight jersey knit(or double jersey knit) with a 2 way stretch as the stretch is essential because of the shape of the dress. A good alternative is bengaline but please avoid light weight jersey as it is a nightmare to sew with!

Minerva crafts sell some great fabric give them a look <3

Please carry on sending your pictures in!

Rachel X

Handmade Halloween

Afternoon! As were are nearing closer the start of another cold month. Meaning that the end of October is coming and this can only mean one thing.. its nearly Halloween!!

If you are going to a Halloween party and have no clue what to wear and don’t want any tacky fancy dress costumes which is worn by everybody else out there. Why not create a unique one for your self from an Eliza M sewing pattern?

If your face is looking confused to and don’t understand how one of the Eliza M sewing patterns can be made into a Halloween costume then look at these. As being a designer I also design costumes and because of my keen interest in vintage fashion I drew up these awesome ideas…

Vintage Styled Halloween Costumes!



1950s style Bride of Frankenstein – The Circle Skirt Sewing Pattern
(Adding a white blouse, Beehive Hair style with strip of colour & Green Make Up)


Pin Up Witch - The Betty Dress Sewing Pattern 
(Adding a Witches Hat, Broom and Chiffon/Lace Cape)

By using The Eliza M patterns as a base you can create your very own unqiue and elegant vintage styled halloween costume!

Any of the sewing patterns can be transformed into a great Halloween costume like The Eliza M Daisy Dress Sewing Pattern could be transformed into this Alice in Wonderland style costume…

Super-easy fancy dress that looks great - the clock steals it! Alice cosplay

And our recent pattern giveaway in Love Sewing Mag of the Eva Dress could be transformed into an awesome Curella De Ville Costume..

Adult 101 Dalmations Cruella De Ville Outfit Fancy Dress Costume Womens Female | eBay


I have put together a pintrest board with lots of vintage styled Halloween costumes which are all achievable by the Eliza M sewing patterns! Take a look for more inspiration….

I will be making myself a Halloween costume from one of the Patterns and will share this with you all! So make sure that you do too if you decide to use one of the Eliza M Patterns as I would love to see; send it to us on our facebook page, tag us it on instagram or twitter.

The Eliza M Sewing Patterns are available at www.elizamvintagesewing.co.uk

Stay Creative!

x Rachel


Behind the Glamour

Hi Everybody! This weeks blog post is about the recent photo shoot. About all the goings on behind the scenes and how it all came together.

It all started with the Eliza M sewing patterns and I created a mood board for each style of sewing pattern;  theme, styling, colours, props and all round cuteness for each outfit that we would shoot…


So when this was decided I went fabric and haberdashery shopping for all the bits and bobs to make up the garments!!
I wouldn’t had been able to get all of the patterns made up by myself in the time frame we set, so I called in another seamstress to help me to get the job done.
We had lots of fun creating the garments and putting our creative brains together last minute when things didn’t go to plan; to fix problems with fabric and sewing challenges!

20140903_110647 20140903_103538

Then it was photoshoot day! As I was the model it was a very early start for myself, having to get up and do my hair and make up ready to start for 8:30am! ZZzzzzzzzzz

If you were all wondering how I created my fabulous vintage styled bouncing hair style, I did a heated pin curl set.
This consisted of using a curling iron on separate sections of my hair and curling it to the direction that my hair would fall. When a piece was curled I rolled it back up and pinned it to my hair with a bobby pin. I did this to my whole head and left them to set (cool down completely). When this was done I took out all the bobby pins and ran my fingers through my hair. Then I used a hair brush and brushed all my curls so they turned inwards, doing a few bits of backcombing and re brushing a lot of the time to get the correct curl I wanted.
(If that made no sense I’m sorry! There’s a little picture set below to show the hair style in different stages).

10714720_10203485481750610_862598541_n (1)

(I placed 2 bobby pins on the fringe curls to stay flat as they were sticking out. I added hairspray to set and then when they had been there for about 10 mins, I took out the bobby pins and my curls were flat!)

We did a location shoot first at Rose and Lee vintage Living  where we shot 2 Dresses *The Eliza Dress and The Daisy Dress*. I also hired an amazing vintage Car from Big Slo Limo Company  which looked perfect with the Eliza Dress dress.



Then after the location shoot we finished with a studio shoot for the rest of the garments we made! We all had so much fun and I loved it.

To show you how much fun we had I have created a short video of footage that was captured of the day. Hope you enjoy <3

**Eliza M, Behind the Scenes Photoshoot. Click To watch!!**
(Click link above to watch the video!)

As you can see at the start of the video there was a sneak peak of a new skirt sewing pattern coming soon to Eliza M!!

Make sure to go onto the Eliza M website or facebook page to check out all the images from the photoshoot!

Stay Creative <3

Rachel. X

Home-made Tiki Hair Flower

Lots of Tiki Hawaiian loving happening here at Eliza M. Summer maybe over but you can get making for next year or still even wear it in autumn (like me!) After gaining some AMAZING Hawaiian printed fabric from Fabric Godmother and making up The Eliza M Betty Dress Pattern, I needed some accessories to match!


Inspirations from these 1940’s starlets,














All those beautiful hair accessories. So I decided to make my own Hawaiian hair flower to match The Betty Dress!

I went to a local shop that sold artificial flowers, I picked 3 colours that matched colours in the fabric also some vanilla grass to add to the tiki vibe!
Tools I used to make my hair flower was;

  • Stanley Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Super Glue
  • Hair Slider
  • Cotton Buds


I started off my hair flower by cutting all the steams off leaving me with the flower ends.


After they were all cut I got my grass and placed super glue over the base. Then placed on a few flowers and pressed down until was stuck.



I kept doing this with all my flowers, arranging them as I went along. I also used cotton buds to hold certain petals in place. I added leaves to the front bottom of the flowers to give a base for my final flower.

6 7








I then cut the grass steam of, so that the front leaves were covering the end of the steam. Then I got my last orange flower and took it apart. I added it by petal and put it back together using the glue and cotton buds, so the flower sat on the leaves.

9 10


To finish off my flower I turned it over and glued the clip onto the grass. I left it to dry overnight to be sure I wouldn’t get any silly glue in my hair!


Look what I’ve got here a fabulous oversize hair flower to match my Tiki styled Eliza M Betty dress!


And of course I wore it for the photoshoot! How amazing does it look with this fabric; definitely my favourite look of the shoot!
Adore it!

The-Betty-Dress-Vintage-Sewing-Patterns. The-Betty-Dress-Vintage-Sewing-Patterns-4. The-Betty-Dress-Vintage-Sewing-Patterns-5. The-Betty-Dress-Vintage-Sewing-Patterns-8..

Will I pass as a tiki starlet?
Have any of you had a themed outfit including one of our Eliza M patterns? Please do show us… Or if you have created your own hair flower inspired by what I have done.
Stay Creative!

Rachel. X

Seamstress, Stylist and Model; Rachel Burns
Photoshoot Photography ; Claire Garside

Circle Skirt Inspiration

Hope you all enjoyed our first collection of images from the shoot! We are so please with the outcome we had so much fun and this has shined through all our images.
Today’s post is about our circle skirt pattern and how I got inspired from my favourite era to create my own quirky 1950’s circle skirt.

The other week I was scrolling through endless amounts of images on Pinterest to get outfit inspiration form the past (I do this regularly) and I came across some fabulous images of 1950s circle skirt patterns. I adore I cute shapes, unique styles and how picturesque 50’s style is. I believe this is why I am so attracted to it.

09_01_10b (2) 450px-Simplicity_4784 1950s-Rockabilly-Circle-Skirt-Poodle-Skirt-with-Should-Straps-Misses-Vintage-Sewing-Pattern-650x1024
How cute are these?!!!
So taking inspiration, I thought that creating a contrasting waist band and with the same waist band fabric making cute shapes to add on the front of the circle skirt. So using my Eliza M circle skirt pattern I created a plain pink circle skirt, with a lilac tartan waist band.

I started to develop my delightful skirt by making a paper template of the shape I wanted and cut, and cute this out in 3 different contrasting fabrics.  With each fabric I cut out the fabric was folded, this leads to having 6 shapes in 3 different fabrics. Each same coloured shape I placed wrong sides together and pinned them in place.

20140903_114752 20140903_115506

Now I stitched each heart together leaving a gap so I can use the bagging out technique (turn them through to the right sides). Making sure that when stitching them its wrong sides together!



After this I cut little slashes in the seam allowance. I do this so when I turn through the heart it makes the curve smooth. Its does this because it is releasing the fabric inside.


20140903_124529 20140903_131330

After turning through the heart I used my scissors to push out the seams inside the shape, making sure that I did this gently so I don’t rip any seams!

Then with the seam allowance that is left open I turned this inside the heart and pinned in place. Then I pressed the shape really flat.

20140903_131536 20140903_131833

After this I did a top stitch around all of my hearts to keep them flat and keep the gap seam allowance inside the shape. When I had done this to all my 3 hearts I pinned them in place on my circle skirt to the place where I wanted them.

20140903_140458After decided where I wanted them placed I stitched them onto the skirt separately. I stitched them on the outside of of the shape so it looks like 2 rows of stitching. When I had finished I gave the skirt a good press. Also when I stitched on my hearts onto the skirt base make sure its completely flat other wise it will give a bumpy texture and that’s not what we want!

Ta Dah its finished! How cute and charming does it look, I already have ideas for a new circle skirt.

IMG_8918 IMG_8912

The circle skirt pattern is so versatile and you can create so many different looks with it just from fabric choices and weights never mind adding shapes pockets and trims!

Have you made a circle skirt and adapted it? We would love to see pictures, please send us in images.
If you send us in an image of your own garment created by an Eliza M pattern, we are giving away a special offer with 50% off any of our patterns!!!

Rachel. X


Hop and Swing Pant Adaptations

Hi all!

Whilst we are getting new Eliza M garments stitched and prepared for the photo shoot I have been giving some of the patterns ago myself to see how they are to create and they are so simple!

I started off with the Hop and Swing trouser pattern. I had been inspired by this gorgeous natural photograph of Norma Jeane Mortenson (or as most people know her as Marilyn Monroe) to make them in denim to create that great casual everyday vintage styled look.


We sourced some lovely Heavy Denim from a fantastic fabric store called minervacrafts.com . When creating the Hop and Swing trousers up, to make them look like an authentic pair of denim jeans I did a double row of stitching around the hem in a contrasting colour.  


When the Hop and Swing trousers were finished; with inspiration from the Norma Jeane image I turned them up around 2 & half inches and pressed flat. Then I decided to iron in a creased down the front and back of the trousers to break up the very wide leg.10685206_10203330842964737_743903380_n Hop and swing trousers 

As you can see by just doing this they look like a really authentic pair of vintage denim jeans.
To give the Hop and Swing trousers a finishing touch I added some buttons to the front of the trousers. When rummaging around my Grandmothers numerous collections of oddment buttons I found these really interesting and I thought that they would look great on the trousers. I stitched them on the front and look at the transformation…

10660556_10203330843324746_1972106273_n 10668744_10203330842924736_1537823067_n

Can’t wait to wear these to the office
on autumn days to keep me warm when the very cold weather starts setting in!

15 16

Have any of you done adaptations to your Eliza M vintage style patterns?
If so I would love to see them and would like to know what inspired you too! Please send us in images onto our facebook.



Rachel. X


Busy Busy

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Its Rachel here, if some of you didn’t know I am the new designer and stylist at Eliza M Vintage Style Sewing. We have all been very busy in the office and still will be for the upcoming weeks as we are getting things ready for the nearing photo shoot. I have been fabric, haberdashery and accessory shopping ready for each Eliza M sewing pattern which are all getting made up in the next few weeks. Each garment that will be made up has been styled by myself precisely to a really cute and quirky vintage theme for the shoot. I can’t wait! But first we need to SEW SEW SEW… as there are lots of garments to get ready!

Last week I got to try on my first Eliza M garment, and I fell in love!

The Betty Dress

The dress was created from The Betty Dress Sewing Pattern and was made up from the most beautiful satin and heavy lace fabric. When I first saw the pattern for The Betty Dress I thought it looked more like a day dress style, but this just proves what different fabric choices can do! This made my brain start ticking over with many creative ideas on how we can alter and adapt our Eliza M patterns, to give them that extra vintage spark. I am looking at lots of 1940s and 1950s vintage patterns/images to give myself inspiration which I can bring to all of you sewing enthusiasts!

But for now here is more snaps of me in The Betty Dress…

The Betty Dress The Betty Dress The Betty Dress

amanda iconic b w

1940’s inspired photo shoot






We had a really great time on this shoot, the two Amandas, that is Amanda the model and Amanda the photographer did such a perfect job, I was delighted with the results. I think that between them they  undoubtedly captured the essence of  forties  working class glamour. Our shoot took place in the back allies of Manchester, my home town, our cobbled streets were the  inspiration for Coronation Street no less!


The clothes we used for the shoot were made by yours truly using the Pussy Galore pattern and the  Alma wiggle skirt pattern. The Pussy Galore is for an advanced sewer or intermediate sewer  but saying that it depends really how adventurous you are, I mean you have to start somewhere with new techniques and as long as you make a toile there should be no problem with your final version.